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Darby Township History and Information

This township was first settled about 1800. The greater part of the township was taken up in large tracts and until very recent years large estates were the rule, many of which were leased to tenants. The development of the township therefore was not so rapid as was the case in the townships east of the Scioto River.

Darby township is situated in the northwest corner of Pickaway County, being north of Monroe and Muhlenberg townships and west of Scioto and Muhlenberg. The greater part of the eastern boundary is formed by Darby Creek. For a long period prior to 1878, however, this was not the case, as the eastern boundary of the township extended some miles beyond the creek. For the convenience fo the township organizations, Darby Creek on Oct. 14, 1878, was made the dividing line between Darby and Scioto townships.


The surface of the township is very level except along the water courses, where it is slightly rolling. The soil is well adapted to the raising of both wheat and corn, of which large quantities are grown. At the time of the early settlement, and greater part of the township was covered with great forests of oak, hard maple, hickory and red and white elm. Several varieties of oak trees were to be found. The population of the township in 1900 was 1,601.


The township officers for 1906 are as follows:

Trustees - J.T. Robinson, William Willoughby and T.S. Ridgeway; Clerk, I.C. Hall; treasurer, A.M. Daugherty; assessor, D,M, Minshall; justices of the peace - R.H. Deyo and Charles E. Thacker. 

From the book: History of Pickaway County (pg. 108)   

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